Daily Bible Devotionals Recenzje App

The best way to get your eyes on God!

I love this app ❤️my mom got me the app and I was like "whatever it is just an app!"

Paid for ads to be removed and didn’t receive what I paid for

Hi fantastic app you have developed but I’m still receiving ads after I was charged 2.13 for the purchase of the removal of ads contacted Apple support and they referred me to contact the developer for assistance so please fix the problem at your nearest convenience Thanks


Reading God’s word helps to bring my focus on Him and off myself. To trust in His word and not in man’s. 😊👍

I love it

Everybody should download it is amazing

Error in Language selection

In language select menu it should be HINDI instead of HINDU ! Hindu is a religion and Hindi a language. Please correct.

😅😅😅 Manna Dion

Excellent app it really helps you study the Bible

God's Peace

This is a great app, I use it often.



Food for the soul

I love this app because I love reading God’s Word. I’m by each verse, because our Lord wrote the Bible for us all.


Its good for me to read every day

Kate Rickey

I love the verse of the day because it keeps me focused on The Lord . Thank you for sending me the verses from the Bible. God bless you.


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Jesus Loves


Excellent app

This has many inspiring verses, and I really like the feature of being able to change the verse and picture. No problems with this app.

The word of God

Love the word of God and when I am upset to be able to pull up his word it makes my day so much better thank you for God's word and I can take it with me right on my phone😀😃😛😇.

Great resource

Encouraging verses and easy to use in church.

Thank you

These precious scriptures get me through the day!!🙏🌹


A great daily reminder of God's word. I love how I can open anytime and it seems the verse fits my day perfectly and is encouraging. God is Great like that. The option for no ads is a must! Thank you!

Awesome app

Great app for evangelizing. Use it all the time to spread the word of God at www.avoiceinthedesert. Keep updating it with newer pictures and verses.

Encouraging and Inspirational to read daily

I enjoy reading bible quotes daily. It brings me closer to God and offers me encouragement and inspiration which is helpful in my walk with Him.

Alabado sea Dios

Bendito sea Dios

To the point.

Helps start my day off with encouraging words and words to guide me through the day, thanks.

Daily Blessings

I start each day by reading the daily Bible verse. What better way to start each day than by spending time with God and reading God's words.

It's nice

I, however, paid $0.99 for an upgrade which I thought would remove ads and it hasn't. Please fix my problem!


These uplifting Bible verses are helping me get through troubled times. Thanks for putting them in an easy to use format that I can quickly and easily access before I start my busy day.

Sooo good!!!

I love this app!!! The designers were definitely inspired when they were creating this app!! So many beautiful and awe inspiring photos! And the bonus of being able to design your frame... so cool! And of course the true reason for the app; sharing the word of God what better gift is there then that!!! Thank you for this app!! I find it to be an inspiration to me daily!! I hope you will try it, because just like our Lord and his word this app will not disappoint!!😊🙏🏻

Encouraging Bible Quotes

The app always has a meaningful Scripture verse. It's great if you're interested in memorizing Bible verses. However, I have trouble reading the graphics sometimes because it is so dark. Otherwise, I love the app.


Great app.

It is a great daily truth

I love to read the WORD early in the morning at work because it blesses me and strength me all day ,thank GOD for HIS WORD daily.🙏

Praise Jesus

Hoping this gets me where I need to be in my faith!!!!!

Please fix it

I enjoy this app when it works. However, it will freeze for days and not provide new verses which is very frustrating. If it changed verses every day, I would rate it a 5.

Love it, but....

I just wish I could share it with one click, instead of saving every pic to then share on fb...


Great app for daily reflections

Great app

I just upgraded this app to avoid the ads It was good with the ads bc of the options n colors n choices of texts n it is always there waiting for me to read n become inspired daily. Now without the ads its Great!! I only wish that when I tapped on the first scripture pop up that it would take me to more scripture as sometimes it is not a complete passage n my thoughts are dangling. Worth the $1.99 upgrade.

Great Daily Reminder Of GOD's Incredible Living Word

Thank you for putting this app out. It's fast encouragement to help keep our hearts and minds focused on Jesus 🏋🏼🚵🏻

Solid Word !!!

Always nice getting a fresh Word, especially when I wake up in the morning. Thank you all !!!

Angel 😇

Love this app !!❤️🙏🏼


I enjoy the scripture selections. I do have a problem with the font. It's too small and difficult to read especially on a color background.

Rating Encouraging Bible quotes

Love it! Always refreshing to read Gods word! It's very inspiring


Awesome app! I have been using it for quite some time. Excellent way to start the day!

Very inspirational!

One of my favorite apps. I open this app first before I open any app on my phone. It helps me start my day. 😊

A blessing to have

God bless us all

Great App

Nice inspiring quotes w/ lovely background options.

How peacefully refreshing! Easy to personalize.

Just the right idea & size for this busy world we live in & zoom through! I really am pleased to be able to set the daily reminder for a time that "catches me off guard" during my busy day. This helps me to slow down & remember there is far more to this journey than what vies for my time & attention! I especially like that I can customize, save & even send selected verses with my photo choices to acquaintances through a variety of methods. I would suggest that when the 1st verse I see on my notifications screen where it says "slide to view", would actually complete the rest of that particular Scripture instead of changing & opening up the main page with a completely different text; or at least have the ability to go back and "find" that 1st snippet of Truth. I highly encourage others to give this App a try, you'll never be the same again! Awe inspiring photography of Creation, (if selected). Wonderfully uplifting & profoundly thought provoking...But then again it is The Living Word of The One True God & Our Merciful Saviour, & Loving Lord, Jesus Christ, all inspired by The Holy Spirit!!! Thank you very much to the developers, job well done!

It's okay

Gives incomplete scripture verses and it would be nice if you included a commentary because their are many people who need a better understanding of how to apply the word they have read!

I love this app

I love this app


Love it

Daily devotional

I really like this app. It keeps me on track and wanting to learn more about the Word. I would recommend this app to new christians wanting to learn verses on a day by day.


Uplifting easy to use fun

Great Bible app

Inspiring pictures, encouraging Bible verses.

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