Daily Bible Devotionals App Reviews

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Love the bible verse a day

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Inspiring and Encouraging!

Such a great, quick motivation to start my day on the right track! I love the lovely pictures, too!

what a blessing

A great way to get in Gods Word


A great daily reminder of Gods word. I love how I can open anytime and it seems the verse fits my day perfectly and is encouraging. God is Great like that. Thank you!


Inspirational and uplifting...I love this app ❤️


It is a great daily reminder of what an awesome God we serve. We need to be reminded of it each and every day.

It is a great daily truth

I love to read the WORD early in the morning at work because it blesses me and strength me all day ,thank GOD for HIS WORD daily.

Love Jesus every moment of the day

Awesome way to keep Jesus alive. My favorite app to share with anybody!!

Great App!!

Look forward to reading it every morning!!

Fantastic! Blossom

Love all the beautiful pictures with the bible verses. Its awesome. Post them almost every day to Facebook. Very inspiring and uplifting.

Great app to begin your day

I enjoy the verses. They help me to begin my day thinking about Gods word

Great Daily Reminder Of GODs Incredible Living Word

Thank you for putting this app out. Its fast encouragement to help keep our hearts and minds focused on Jesus

Luv mercy

Awesome app of daily scriptures very uplifting and encouraging

Does what advertised

Great daily reminder and inspiration!

Breath of fresh air

Taking a moment to read the Scriptures and pause and reflect on them, in addition to the beautiful backgrounds and pictures you can couple them with is like taking a moment to stop and smell the roses and thank God for the roses. Very nice app!

I like.....

So far this app has been very helpful to me. I was able to set a reminder on it so that I dont forget to read the verse of the day. It really helps me and uplifts my spirit especially when certain verses given relate to what Im dealing with. My only issue so far is that it doesnt have a commentary to go along with the verse. That would make it even more awesome especially for those who are still babies in Christ to get a better understanding of Gods Word.

Great way to begin my day!

I enjoy this app. I read it every morning.


Great app for daily reflections

Does what advertised

Great daily reminder and inspiration!

God is love

I love getting these they make my day just a word from the lord I what I need thank you and God bless you

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